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Collection: Slient Auctions

Our Silent Auctions put YOU in charge of the price.  Here's how it works:  Smadar chooses select pieces from her studio and you get to name your price.  Bids will be collected over a specified period of days and will not be made public or shown to other bidders.  Therefore, you'll want to make your best offer and wait for the auction to conclude.  This saves bidders the need to watch and be active in the process.

When an Auction concludes the highest bid will be declared the winner.  We do reserve the right to refuse any and all bids.  Bids that do not cover the cost of production will automatically be rejected.  You can purchase any item shown at any time for the full price listed.

SHIPPING: Please indicate whether you plan to pick up the item at our studio (free) or have it shipped.  We can also arrange to deliver it the next time a show is taking place near your area (free), but this may result in a delay receiving your item.  Items can cost from $50 to $100 to ship and would be separate from your bid amount.  

To place a bid, send an email to with the item name and your bid amount/contact information.  We will be in touch if you are the auction winner.  

 See below for the open auctions!  Auction will remain open until 11:59 EST Friday, February 7th

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